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modular stainless steel kennel specifications

Stainless Steel Kennel Specifications


LGL builds quality stainless steel kennels with specifications for side and back panels, swing gate, resting bench, roof, feeders, and flooring requirements.

All partitions of kennels shall either be anchored securely to the facility floor, and, where feasible, anchored to existing room walls, or shall be free standing, requiring no tabs for wall or floor anchors (only if supplied with back panels).

Primary members shall be of 1 1/4" square, 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with a P-180 polished finish. The lower 48" of all partitions shall be covered with 20 gauge stainless steel sheet. The upper portion shall be 1/4" rods on 1 1/2" centers and braced with 1/4" rods. All frame joints shall be continuously welded. All hardware shall be of high-chrome, high-nickel, 300 series stainless steel for strength and corrosion-resistance. All welded joints shall be cleaned with glass-shot beads and thoroughly cleaned.

Side Panels

The lower 48" portion of the panel shall be solid construction, and the upper portion shall be rod construction. Basic framing member shall be 1 1/4" square, 18 gauge stainless steel type 304 with polished finish. Vertical rods shall be 1/4" diameter on 1 1/2" centers. All horizontal rods shall be 1/4" and spaced every 10" to give added strength and rigidity. Sheet shall be 20 gauge 304-2B stainless steel. A special vinyl seal shall be attached to lower frame to prevent cross-contamination of urine and feces.

Swing Gate

The gates shall be framed with 1 1/4" square, 18 gauge stainless steel tube, 304 alloy with a P-180 polished finish. All joints shall be miter cut and welded closed. Gates shall be enclosed with 1/4" diameter rods which run vertical on 1 1/2" centers. Horizontally, 1/4" diameter rods shall be spaced every 10" for added strength and support.

All gates shall be hinged by the pivotal method. A 3/8" stainless steel bolt shall pass through the gate frame and then be secured by a 3/8" nut. A 1/2" high-density polyethylene washer shall be used between the gate frame and the gate to provide for a non-friction surface. The door latch shall be of 300 series, stainless steel with provisions for locking.

modular stainless steel kennel

Back Panels

Basic framing member shall be 1  1/4" square, 18 gauge stainless steel tube with P-180 polished finish. All joints shall be miter cut and welded closed. Inner panel shall be 20 gauge, stainless steel sheet 304-2B and welded securely to the frame.

Resting Bench

Basic framing member shall be 1" square, 18 gauge stainless steel tube with P-180 polished finish. Within the frame shall be three 1/8" x 1" stainless steel flat bars. Attached within the frame and to the flat bars shall be the resting surface of 3/4" high-density polyethylene. All stainless steel tube frame legs shall be plugged with polyethylene or cap welded to protect facility floor and prevent vermin from entering tubes.

Roof Panels

Roof panels shall be framed with 1  1/4" square, 18 gauge stainless steel with P-180 finish tube. The inner panel shall be of 1/4" rod, 1  1/2" centers with 1/4" rods every 10" for strength. Tabs shall be provided to securely anchor the roof panel to the side panels.


Feeders shall have a hinged lid and be fabricated of 20 gauge stainless steel type 304-2B and have a capacity of at least 10 lbs.


Raised flooring can be either vinyl coated expanded steel or aluminum, fiberglass slatted flooring or high density polyethylene flooring.

Vinyl coated flooring shall be 9 gauge expanded metal braced every 16" with 3/8" x 1" flat bar turned on its edge. After fabrication the entire floor shall be coated 1/8" thick with a chemically treated vinyl. The vinyl acts as a soft, easy to clean surface while the chemical retards grown of bacteria and fungi.

Fiberglass flooring will have a 3/4" or 3/8" spacing between slats, shall be grey in color and have a fine, medium or coarse grit surface.

Poly flooring is a high impact virgin polypropylene material is made to interlock in kennel to prevent animals lifting floor sections. The floors provide a thermal neutral warm surface for more comfort. The surface includes superior traction from high/low rib design.

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