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Custom Caging for Zoos

Custom cages for zoos, research laboratories and animal control facilities include enrichment cages for primates/carnivores, bird modules, and small mammal and hoof stock caging. From any stage of design or construction, LGL specialists will recommend the best type and combination of cost effective cages to create a flexible, workable facility. Our custom cages are built with the latest methods in modular construction from materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.



  • Aluminum cage front
  • 3/4 vertical tube
  • 1/2" x 2" horizontal bar
  • 3 point stainless steel door latch
  • removable polyethylene isolation panel
  • Stainless steel cage front
  • 1/4" wire mesh
  • Double door latch
  • Feeder chute
  • Control boxes for hydraulic shift door

Small Mammal


  • Aluminum cage fronts
  • 3/8" vertical rods
  • 3/16" thick horizontal bar
  • Feed chute
  • Gear operated shift doors inside wall
  • Stainless steel cage fronts
  • Framed in stainless steel 1 1/4" square tube and filled with 1" x 1" x 1/8" woven lock crimped mesh
custom caging for small mammal

Aluminum Caging

small mammal custom caging

Stainless Steel Caging

Primate/Bird Module


  • Aluminum front and roof panel
  • Sliding door with 2 point gravity latch
  • Removable polyethylene isolation panels
  • Stainless steel perch mesh panel

Primate Enrichment


  • Play structure
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Socialization opportunities
  • Build to suit size of room

Optional Features:

  • Ramps
  • Barriers
  • Climbing nets

Hoof Stock


  • Aluminum front panel/poly sliding doors
  • Sliding door
  • Isolation sheet panel
  • Hinged hay and grain feeder