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Kennel Accessories

LGL Animal Care products offers kennel accessories such as i.d. card holders, automatic watering systems, bowls, buckets, guillotine dog doors, hinged resting benches, and HVD. The wide range of kennel accessories we offer will enhance your kennel needs by making them more user friendly for the animals and their caretakers.

I. D. Cardholder


  • 3" x 5" horizontal
i. d. cardholder

Auto Watering System


  • Allows animals to drink from low pressure, stainless steel valve
  • Systems priced on request
  • Systems available in CPVC plastic or stainless steel
auto watering system



  • Available in 1 qt, 2 qt, 3 qt, and 13 qt size
  • Stainless steel
1-2-3-13 qt bowls



  • Used for feeding animals
  • Constructed of polyethylene
poly bucket feeder

Guillotine Dog Door


  • Cable operated
  • Aluminum plate sides
  • Sides fit on special extruded aluminum track
  • Allows control for animal to enter or exit
guillotine doors

Hinged Resting Bench


  • Hinged attachment
  • Keeps animal out of the gutter
  • Provides warm place to lie
  • Polyethylene board is chew proof
  • Polyethylene board is easy to clean
  • Ideal choice to add or remove resting bench
  • Fabricated from same material as hinged bench
hinged resting-bench

HVD - Heron Vinyl Duckboard


  • A soft, smooth surface yet hard wearing vinyl grid, with an excellent combination of hygienic benefits
  • HVD is a top performer where comfort and cleanliness count
  • Idea lining for animal cages in veterinary surgeries and kennels
  • Available in roll format to allow easy to cut and fit one piece covering
  • Overall height 17/32"
  • Length 33'
  • Width options 2', 3' or 4'
HVD – Heron Vinyl Duckboard for Cages
HVD flooring

Provide comfortable matting for your animals
by placing Heron Vinyl Duckboard in your kennels.