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Kennel Housing Units for Dogs and Cats

LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. offers kennel housing units that are a nice way to house smaller breeds instead of using a full sized kennel. We offer the double decked, stacked dog housing units and cat condos. Each of these can be made to order and customized to meet your requested configuration and size requirements.

Double-Decked Dog Housing Unit



  • Utilizes space by allowing units to be stacked on top of each other while still being able to be washed down
  • Each unit self contained
  • Each unit plumbed with PVC plumbing that connects above facility floor
  • Units can share side panels when aligning several in a row
double decked dog housing unit

Stacked Housing Units

Stainless Steel or Aluminum


  • Removal vinyl-coated floor or fiberglass
  • Stainless steel excreta pan
  • Swing door with a two point gravity latch
  • Stainless steel stem swivel casters with brakes and zerk fittings
  • Urine baffles below floor
stacked dog housing units

Cat Condo


  • Designed for cat enrichment and well-being
  • Unit can be converted from four individual compartments to two vertical cages, two horizontal cages, or one entire cage
  • Two piece floor that converts to resting bench
  • Rod top for high interior light level and air flow
  • Removable doors
  • Colored walls (white, blue, or green)

Optional Features:

  • Card holder
  • Polyethylene resting bench
  • Clear Lexan back window
  • Swivel stem casters
  • Rotary feed and water bowl panel
  • Shift cat door in inner wall
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Utilize your space to the fullest by ordering
a stacked unit for small breeds.

cat condo cat condo interior