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Quarantine and Isolation Research Cubicles

Stainless steel and aluminum isolation and quarantine research cubicles are custom-sized for each client and include standard and optional features.

The housing of animals in cubicles for quarantine and isolation has proven to be effective, flexible, economical, and efficient. The easy-to-lift or sliding doors units provide maximum protection, durability, and ease of access to the cubicle.

Standard and Optional Features

Each installation is custom designed and fabricated to allow maximum width and height of door opening. Optional air handling units allow total control of air flow through the cubicle, the maintenance of positive or negative differential pressure and HEPA filtration of supply and/or exhaust air. Optional integral light fixtures provide control to interior light intensity and timing.

Stainless Steel Isolation Cubicles

Inventory #91302

Vertical Doors Features:

  • All material is corrosion resistant, either non-ferrous metals or high-density polyethylene plastics
  • All hardware is high-chrome, high nickel, 300 series stainless steel to provide strength and resistance to corrosion
  • Door system comprised of vertically sliding windows constructed from a custom fabricated fin tube
  • Door panels glide in a high-density, polyethylene track that moves independently to insure a seize-free operation and are hidden in the door jamb assemblies by a stainless steel cover plate
  • Counter weights attach to each panel to allow for ease of operation
  • Maximum force of six lbs required to operate the door panels
  • Interlocking polyethylene seal between the doors shall provide an air barrier when in the :closed: position. The barrier maintains a positive or negative differential pressure between the room and cubicle of 1/20" of water column when providing 15 air changes per hour.
  • All doors slide into a protective transom cover when in the "open" position. This door assembly constitutes the front of the isolation cubicle system.
  • Door unit shall be constructed to facilitate easy installation of light bar attachments
  • entire system shall be prefabricated for ease of installation
research cubicle

Research Cubicle

Isolation Cubicle Switch

Isolation Cubicle Switch

Aluminum Isolation Cubicles

Inventory #91304


  • Cubicle composed of corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum 6063-T6 alloy, Lexan high density polyethylene, and stainless steel hardware
  • Two swing/sliding doors with full windows in each. Each door is designed to swing out, then slide along cubicle wall for storage and easy access in the interior of the cubicle.
  • Doors slide on CMU divider walls or manufacturers aluminum divider panel
  • Light bars are fluorescent tubes encased in a protective housing that is corrosion resistant and water proof
  • 2: x 4: HEPA is used with each system and provides minimum efficiency of 99.99% at 0.micron. Unit has pre-wired junction box.
  • Patented baffling system gives unit uniform airflow and absorbs sound which contributes to its low noise level
  • At maximum speed, the unit pushes 720 cubic feet of air per minute and up to 20 air changes per hour.


  • Two individual divider panels, back panel, roof panel with two lights
  • HEPA filter
  • 120 volt motor fan and internal baffle which absorbs noise
  • Independent light control with optional timer switch
  • Magnehelic differential pressure gauge
  • Side windows in either polycarbonate or polysulfoam material for animal socialization
  • Adjustable angle supports within the unit that allows for cage suspension or positioning of wire shelves
  • Stainless steel automatic watering, temperature, humidity, and air velocity sensors
aluminum breakaway door isolation cubicle

Breakaway Doors

aluminum pocket door isolation cubicle

Pocket Doors