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livestock research cages

Livestock Research Cages - Pens - Metabolism Units

LGL designs and manufactures research cages, pens, housing units, transfer restraint cages, and metabolism units for a variety of livestock. Select from our stacked mini swine metabolism units, mini swine housing units, mini swine transfer/restraint cages, swine growing pens, and swine/livestock pens.

Livestock are social animals, and LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. provides modular pens to house compatible pairs or large groups of animals. Adequate space is calculated into every pen that allows the animals to turn around and move freely.

Stacked Mini Swine Metabolism Unit

Inventory #91032


  • Feeder with adjustable opening that services liquids or solids
  • Removal vinyl coated floors
  • Card holder
  • Stainless steel metabolism pans
  • Outside cage adjustable stainless steel automatic watering system
  • Four 5" stem swivel stainless steel casters with brakes and zerk fittings
swine metabolism unit

Mini Swine Housing Unit

Inventory #91002


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Two smaller cages, each measuring 24 1/2"W x 35 3/4"D (6.08 sq ft)
  • Removable inner divider to convert to one large pen
  • Two guillotine doors
  • Two side-on feeders with card holder
  • Open top
  • Fold-down sides
  • Chew bars on each cage
  • Optional automatic watering
  • Two removal excreta pans
  • Two removal vinyl coated floors
  • Stainless steel plate swivel casters with brakes and zerk fittings
swine housing unit

Mini Swine Transfer/Restraint

Inventory #91072


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Hand operated restraint panel
  • Two guillotine doors; one on each end
  • Stainless steel casters
  • Removal vinyl coated floor
  • Open top
  • Removal excreta pan

Note: Two guillotine doors on each end of the cage provides a safe way to transfer the animals.

swine transfer unit

Swine Growing Pens


  • Modular aluminum panels
  • Telescoping, adjustable legs
  • Swing gate that opens in and out
  • Gate can be hinged either right or left
swine growing pen

Swine/Livestock Pens


  • Adjustable,automatic water valve
  • Raised fiberglass flooring
  • Removable, poly feed bucket
swine livestock pen

research livestock pens

Our research livestock pens are large enough for animals to move about or turn around freely.