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zoo animal cage doors

Doors for Zoo Cages and Housing Units

LGL manufactures a variety of shift, horizontal push/pull, swing, and hydraulic doors, constructed from various materials, for zoo animal cages and housing units. Our zoo doors include a variety of custom sized doors for all types of animals - horizontal push/pull poly-lumber doors, horizontal push/pull polyethylene doors, aluminum swing doors,aluminum horizontal shift doors, manual push/pull doors, self-contained hydraulic shift door, and horizontal push/pull shift doors.

Horizontal Push/Pull Door


  • Poly-lumber with stainless steel frame and door track
poly lumber horizontal push pull door

Horizontal Push/Pull Door


  • All Polyethylene
polyethylene push pull door

Swing Door


  • Two point stainless steel gravity latch
  • Wall mounted guillotine door
aluminum swing door

Aluminum Horizontal Shift Door

University of Florida Veterinary College

Exotic Holding Room


  • Gear operated
  • Attached to block wall
aluminum horizontal shift door gear operated door

Manual Push/Pull Door

Brookfield Zoo


  • Stainless steel side panel
manual push pull door stainless steel

Manual Push/Pull Door

Kansas City Zoo


  • Door in block wall
manual push pull shift door

Self Contained Hydraulic Shift Door


  • Battery powered
  • 12 volt dry cell with trickle charger
  • External 120 volt power
  • Opens and closes in approximately 3-4 seconds
  • Bolt-on design
  • System will hold approximately 1000 lbs of force
  • Pump system is industry standard
  • Hydraulic cylinder hidden in track
  • High-density polyethylene allows the door to travel smoothly and quietly
  • Keyed lock system for added security
  • Hundreds of cycles with little power loss
Self Contained Hydraulic Shift Door

Horizontal Push/Pull Shift Door


  • Doors can be solid aluminum, stainless steel, poly sheet, or stainless mesh.
  • Operated by stainless steel fold-down lockable handle, cable, or gear mechanism
  • Slides easily in a high density polyethylene door track
horizontal push-pull shift door

custom zoo animal cage doors

LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. can work with you, your architect, and your contractor to design and build the zoo doors that are animal specific for each observation area.

Our zoo doors are designed for very small animals to the very largest. You can feel secure in knowing that our zoo doors are constructed for the safety of the animal, zoo keeper, and zoo visitor.