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Modular Kennel Specifications
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Aluminum Kennels
Stainless Steel Kennels
The modular kennel concept utilizing framed wire panels, was introduced many years ago.  However,replica rolex watches not until the last few years have modern fabricating techniques combined with the need to produce a safer and cleaner environment for our animals, led to the use of corrosion resistant aluminum-alloys and stainless steel.  Combining these new innovative ideas with new fabricating procedures, we can now offer the finest kennel system currently replica louis vuitton men sunglasses available. The material used to fabricate these kennels is of the highest grade alloy.  Every effort has been made to provide a kennel that is safe and comfortable for the animal as well as providing a unit that is easy to clean and maintenance free.

New innovative methods of attaching sheet to tubes now allows us to fabricate an isolation side panel replica rolex submariner uhren that is far more sanitary and takes up less space than conventional tile walls.  The rod construction of both our aluminum system and stainless steel systems makes for an airy, well-lighted, attractive unit that will make a lasting impression on your clients.  Our sales staff replica rolex orologi and engineering department, with years of experience, is available to assist in designing your kennel facility.



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