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Side Partition Panels
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Side Partition Panels

Our side panels are a smart choice to use when designing your kennel facility.  They are 1 1/4" wide compared to your typical block wall thus saving you animal space.  Our panels typically contain a lower isolation panel 4' high and an upper rod panel for light and ventilation.  They can be custom fit to accommodate your facility.  Our panels come with an adjustable telescoping vinyl seal or elevated angels for raised flooring.

Large Isolation Panels

Tile Wall Partition Panel

Our partition panels can be custom fabricated to any desired length to help meet your specific specifications. Aids in closing off above an existing tile wall.

Partition Panel with Pivotal Gate Rod Partition Panels
This unique feature allows access to adjoining kennels or for converting a small pen into a larger pen. Used where you do not need isolation between adjoining kennels and where complete visibility and maximum air flow is essential.

Sheet Partition Panels

This panels is used where complete isolation between adjoining kennels is required or where a dry wall is to be protected.

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