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Custom Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabrication for the Animal Industry

LGL Animal Care Products, Inc., manufactures a broad line of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic cages for the biomedical research industry and zoos.

Our company specializes in modular caging that allows each facility to change with new housing and space recommendations.  Our modular panels are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel rods or aluminum and stainless steel mesh.  Our sales staff and engineering department, with over 30 years in the animal research and zoo fields, can provide custom equipment and enrichment items for dogs, cats, rodents, and swine, as well as primate caging for rhesus monkeys, baboons, and great apes.

The majority of the products we manufacture are not standard items.  Most of our work is custom designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of a facility.  These products include shift doors, guillotine doors, and resting benches.  We can even take standard items, such as our squeeze cages and tailor them to your specific needs and dimensions.

Basically, if you have an idea or need for a particular style of aluminum or stainless steel caging, our engineers can design it, and our shop can manufacture it.


Dallas Zoo Veterinary Clinic

Small Animal Isolation Housing

Hoof stock ward

Zoo cage front

Baton Rouge Zoo Veterinary Clinic

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