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Raised Floor System
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Raised Floor Kennel System

This facility uses the raised fiberglass slatted flooring while making one section in the run a solid section.

The solid section serves as a resting bench by providing a warm smooth surface for the animal to lay on.

Another option would be the vinyl coated flooring.

Floor weight:
Fiberglass 3 lb/Sq. Ft.
Available in 3/4" spacing and 3/8" spacing between slats.

The fiberglass slatted raised flooring has many advantages in housing animals using a raised floor system.  It keeps the animal up off the floor therefore keeping the animal cleaner while proving a warm surface to lay on.

The fiberglass flooring comes in different sizes, surface grits for texture and space widths of each slat.  The lightweight sections are an excellent choice for raised kennel flooring.

End View Fiberglass Flooring

Fiberglass Flooring

Vinyl Coated Flooring

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