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Rat & Mouse
Rabbit & Guinea Pig
Dog & Cat Housing
Isolation Cubicles
Material Handling
Animal Holding Facility

LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. manufactures a broad group of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic products for the biomedical research industry, zoological societies and private veterinarians.

Our company specializes in modular caging that allows each facility to change with new housing and space recommendations.  Our sales staff and engineering department, both with over 30 years experience in the animal caging industry, can provide custom equipment and enrichment items for dogs, cats (large and small), rodents, and swine as well as primate caging for rhesus monkeys, baboons and great apes.

The majority of products we manufacture are not standard items.  Most of our work is custom designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of a particular facility.  We can even take standard items, such as our squeeze cages, and tailor them to your specific needs and dimensions.

Basically, if you have an idea or need a particular style of aluminum or stainless steel caging, our engineers can design it, and our shop can manufacture it.  Please feel free to contact our office if we can be of any assistance, and we look forward to being able to help you in the future.


Rat & Mouse Caging
  Filtered Rodent Racks
Rabbit & Guinea Pig
  Wire Guinea Pig Cage
  4 Sq. Ft. Rabbit Cage
  5 Sq. Ft. Rabbit Cage
  4 Sq. Ft. Rabbit Breeding Cage
  8 Sq. Ft. Rabbit Breeding Cage
Ferret Housing
  4 Sq. Ft. Ferret Cage
Aquatic Animal Housing
  Polycarbonate Tanks
Dog & Cat Housing
  Modular Kennels
  Dog Transport
  Stacked Dog Housing
  Double-Decked Dog Housing Unit
  Stainless Steel Modular Kennels
  Aluminum Modular Kennels
  Cat Housing System
  Cat Condo
  Trespa Cat Cage
Material Handling
  Utility Carts, Platform Trucks, Wash Racks, Dolly, Etc.
  Feeders, Bowls, and Cardholders, Etc.
  Marmoset Restraint Cage
  Squirrel Monkey Colony Cage
  Group 3 Monkey Cage
  Group 4 Monkey Cage
  Group 6 Baboon Cage
  Group 7 Baboon & Group 2 Apes
  Group 3 Apes
  Baboon Restraint Cage
  Group 4 Aluminum Primate Enrichment Cage
  Filtered Sheep Transport
  Large Animal Metabolism
  Mini Swine Farrowing Pen
  Stacked Mini Swine Metabolism Unit
  Mini Swine Housing Unit
  Swine/Livestock Pens
  Pigeon Cages & Racks
Isolation Cubicles
  Stainless Steel Vertical Sliding Door Cubicles
  Aluminum Pocket Door Cubicle
Animal Holding Facility
  Aluminum Housing


Baboon Restraint Cage

Primate Enrichment Cage

Mini Swine Farrowing Pen

Guinea Pig Cage and Rack



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