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Primate/Bird Module
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Bird Ward

LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. a recognized leader in design, manufacture and installation of animal cages, also builds cost effective, custom cages for zoos, research laboratories and animal control facilities.  From any stage of design or construction, LGL specialists will recommend the best type and combination of cages to create a flexible, workable facility.  LGL utilizes the latest in modular construction and materials technology form stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized housing facilities.

Bird Ward

Bird ward closeup

Aluminum front and roof panel,  featuring sliding door with 2 point gravity latch, removable polyethylene isolation panels and stainless steel perch mesh panel

Bird Modules

Optional vinyl coated floor and mobile transfer/restraint tunnel for connecting adjoining modules.

miami module


Eight aluminum panels are bolted together to form an octagon housing cage, featuring insulated roof, dual feeders, service door with built in guillotine door, several perches, ladders and polyethylene visual barrier.


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