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LGL Animal Care Products, Inc. a recognized leader in the design, manufacture and installation of animal cages also builds cost-effective, custom cages for zoos, research laboratories and animal control facilities.   Our innovative, humane installations are used daily in major cities and universities around the world.

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From any stage of design or construction, LGL specialists will recommend the best type and combination of cages to create a flexible, workable facility.  A facility that takes into account the psychological well-being of animals.  One that meets the toughest environment enrichment criteria for comfort, safety, and cleanliness.  One that is strong, durable and safe for animals and caretakers.  One that utilizes the latest modular construction and material technology.  In other words, a facility designed by LGL Animal Care Products.

Our sales staff and engineering department, with over 30 years in the animal research and zoo fields, can provide custom equipment and enrichment items for dogs, cats (large and small), rodents, and swine as well as primate caging for rhesus monkeys, baboons, and great apes.

Trust LGL to provide the finest in animal caging for kennel, zoo or research facilities.


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