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Modular Kennel System
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Modular Kennel Systems

LGL Animal Care Products has three systems available:


A Modular Kennel System That Utilizes the Existing Facility Floor

The adjustable vinyl base seal prevents washing excrement from one kennel to another, eliminating cross contamination.

The telescoping base channel adjusts to match the slope of the facility floor.

A Modular Kennel System That Utilizes a Raised Floor System

Raised flooring is a popular option.  Shown is 6" high raised vinyl flooring supported by sloped angles that are incorporated within the side panel.

A Modular Kennel System That Utilizes the Self Contained Flooring System With PVC Plumbing to Existing Facility Drains

Kennels are self contained using a raised deck system.  This consists of a solid fiberglass floor with a built in stainless steel trench drain.  A hinged cover keeps animals from drain.

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