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Gate Panels
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Gate Panels & Gate Latches

The modular gate panels are also completely framed as is the gate itself.  This makes for a stronger, smoother acting gate.  Our unique stainless steel pivotal hinge and latch allows the gate to open inward as well as out.  This is very important in narrow hallways or certain animal control situations. 

Standard Rod Gates

Standard Front Panel with Rod Gate Privacy Gate Panels
For sizes 36" wide or less.  (Please note closer flat bar spacing on the lower portion of gate.  This strengthens gate where dogs tend to chew.) For sizes greater than 36" in width. Ideal where additional animal privacy is required or preventing animals from urinating in hallways.

Sliding Gate Panel

Two Point Gravity Latch

Yoke Latch


Horizontal sliding doors travel on stainless track suspended from top of gate.

Stainless Steel

Allows individuals to shut a door hands free.  This latch does not allow the gate to open inward.  The latch has an optional lock and secures the gate in two locations.



A lockable gate latch that allows the gate to open in as well as out.  A simple (yet trouble free) latch.

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