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Resting Benches

This bench provides the most ideal solution for keeping animals out of the gutter, while providing them with a warm place to lie.  The polyethylene board is chew proof and easy to clean.

When you are wanting to add or remove a resting bench, this is the logical choice.  Fabricated from the same material as the hinged bench.

Automatic Watering System

Automatic watering system allows animals to drink from a low pressure stainless steel valve.  Systems are priced upon request and are available in CPVC plastic or stainless steel.

Bowls and Buckets

1 quart, 2 quart, 3 quart and 13 quart stainless steel bowls.

Poly Bucket Feeder.

ID Card Holders

3" x 5" Horizontal


Guillotine Dog Door

A cable operated aluminum plate slides in a special  extruded aluminum track.  This design allows you to control when the animal goes in or out.


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